Fragrance & Skincare

I went out to Urban Outfitters a week ago and picked up a few small things, so i figured i’d show you!


From left to right there’s the Gourmand Macaroon Rose hand cream, the Gourmand Lait De Coco EDP Frangrance, and the Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin spray.

First i’ll go over the hand cream.


It comes in a 2 oz tube, and it costs 8$ which is a total steal. You really don’t need much, just about a pea sized amount, so it’ll last a long time! It smells amazing and really helps soften and moisturize your hands. I row crew, so it’s not uncommon for me to have callouses or blisters on my hands, and this really helps my hands feel soft, even the morning after a race.

Next is the perfume.


Now, I’m very particular about perfumes, as I like them to be sweet and fresh, but not overwhelmingly so. I usually have difficulty shopping for perfume because when I go to Sephora and just smell 2 or 3 different kinds make my head spin. My friend recommended the rose scented perfume, but the coconut was more my style as it smelled a little more sweet and vanilla-y. I love it, but my one complaint is that the smell fades throughout the day just a bit. You can still smell it, at the end of the day, but it’s pretty subtle. It’s priced really well too, at 18$ for 1 oz, which is much better than some other perfumes i’ve seen.

Finally we have the rose water!


Skincare is really important to me, so i tend to try new products to try and find one that would be my new holy grail. This is exactly that product for me! I’ve been using this for a week now and it really soothes my skin, moisturizes, and shrinks my pores. It comes in an 8oz bottle and costs 10$, which, in my opinion, is totally worth it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some stuff i’ve been loving, and I hope this is helpful for you!




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